Pro Small Business

By making city hall more approachable and friendly towards small business / Mom & Pop stores and assisting them in the startup information needed, we can attract these businesses to the city.  I have personally experienced and heard many people talk negatively about this city’s treatment of potential small businesses.

This will provide much needed jobs for many full time mothers and fathers that, need a very flexible part time work schedule, to juggle childcare and school schedules.  High School and College aged young adults will also benefit from their small businesses, especially those that need to work their way through school.  After school and weekend work is what these small businesses provide.  Many also provide full time jobs for our citizens.

Supporting Children and Young Adult Athletics

Restore / complete existing parks, equestrian facilities, trails along with creating a youth sports complex.  Soccer is the number one growing sport in the country and we neglect them within this city.

We have some great parks in the city that are wasting away due to neglect by this city and its apparent lack of care.  We need to restore the funding for these parks and bring them up to par to our citizen’s standards.  Central park is a prime example of the lack of care and false promises.

Rancho Cucamonga has one of the largest AYSO and club soccer members in the state.  Yet we force our coaches to go beg the local schools for the use of their grounds for both practice and games.  The few parks and schools that do host soccer, football and baseball, force parents to fight for the few parking spots available or park in the neighborhoods.  This causes problems with the homeowners who then have to pick up after some messy folks.  We then end up with red curbs and forcing the issue farther down the street.
The equestrian lifestyle is a BIG reason many folks move to Rancho Cucamonga to start with.  Their children love the lifestyle and are involved in all aspects of it.  We even had a Miss Rodeo USA come from our great city.  These folks support and protect our community due to the fact the ride the bridal paths and are in areas that most others are not.  Many are member of the Alta Loma Riding Club and The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Equestrian Patrol, Rancho Cucamonga Police Station.

Support Our Seniors and Veterans

These folks have served and supported us all in one way or another. Many have protected us as far back as WW-II, The Korean War, Vietnam and now all the conflicts in the Middle East and other places in the world.  They are my Heroes (Especially my USMC dad, Barry, and oldest brother ,Stuart,) and deserve all of the respect we can give them and all the assistance we can muster up!

Establish Long Term, Sustainable Budget For First Responders.

We need to establish a program to keep good Deputies working in this city long term.  Many people are upset with the fact that the deputies are “Transient employees” and come and go too quick.  This is a very difficult issue to resolve due to the fact that most deputies must transfer to a new station when promoted.  This will take some work but there is no reason why our great deputies cannot come back home.  We receive great service and protection for our men and women in “Tan & Green” and many folks refer to them as “OUR” deputies.  That is correct and many live right here.  The city needs to entice these experienced deputies to return after they are promoted.

We also need to continue to attract the best fire fighters that we can and maintain the quality of service that we are used to.  These men and women do us a great service and save many lives every year.  With a large ageing population in the city, we cannot put them at risk with poor services.  They are the “Greatest” generation and served in many wars (WW-II, Korean War and Vietnam) to keep us free and we owe them this much.
To maintain these services we need a long term sustainable budget that is reasonable and fair to both, the first responders and the taxpayer.